Dr Deborah Shields

Department of Economics, Affiliate Faculty, Colorado State University

Dr Deborah J. Shields received a Ph.D. in Ecosystem Science from Colorado State University (1997) and a MSc. in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines (1985). She is a Faculty Affiliate in the Dept. of Economics at Colorado State University and a Visiting Professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin, IT, in the Dept. of Land, Environment and Infrastructure Engineering. She previously worked for the US Government, first with the US Bureau of Mines and later with the U.S. Forest Service, Research and Development Division. In the latter position she directed the agency’s mineral policy research program. Her research foci are minerals in sustainable development, mineral policy, and integrated sustainability assessments. Dr Shields has led or worked on research for, and been a consultant to, the European Commission and the US government. She has run and participated in NATO funded science projects, co-organized and taught workshops and short courses, and participated in the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development process representing the World Federation of Engineering Organizations. She has published over 100 peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference papers, and regularly reviews papers for various journals.

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