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10 April 2019

SDIMI 2019 Authors in Industry

The theme of this year’s SDIMI conference is Embedding Social Licence: Perspectives and Promises. The concept is to reposition the idea of social license by looking back at how it was first conceived decades ago, explore how we use it today in various global regions and finally how can we redefine it to become useful for the next ten years.

Program Highlights

The conference will offer delegates presentations from authors in industry with practical examples on Social Licence application and improving sustainable development.



Leeora Black, Deloitte “Too much of a good thing? Can a strong social licence leave communities in tears?”

Leeora will present on the rare yet evident effect of high social licence levels on mining projects and the potential risk of nearby economically dependent communities. High social licence scores could result in profound economic and social pain when mines eventually close. She proposes the need for social license constructs to include planning for sustainable community development beyond the life of a mine.

Access more information about Leeora’s session including her submitted abstract here



Carey West, Loadscan “Optimised Payloads and Increased Trucking Factors with Volume Scanning”

Carey will explain how load volume scanning (LVS) systems are revolutionising payload management and in turn/subsequently improving sustainability outcomes. Hear first-hand how volume scanners are being deployed in mines around the globe to increase trucking factors, reveal true shift tallies, monitor carry-back, and boost overall productivity.

Access more information about Carey’s session including his submitted abstract here



Hennie du Plooy, Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd “Demonstrating local excellence by positioning business performance in a global sustainable development context”

Port Waratah Coal Services operates the world’s largest coal export terminals nearby communities in the rapidly developing city of Newcastle, NSW and is presented with significant challenges towards social license. Hennie will present on Port Waratah’s commitment to social license through a comprehensive framework which is embedded at all levels of the business.

Access more information about Hennie’s session including his submitted abstract here


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