Accepted Conference Abstracts

Connecting (critical) raw materials with future societal demands

  • Changing local and global impacts of critical minerals supply for the clean energy transition, Benjamin Mclellan, Kyoto University
  • Critical Minerals: a review assessing risks related to mineral resource availability, Kegomoditswe Koitsiwe, University of Botswana
  • Off-Earth mining in the context of sustainable development, Jessica Dallas, University of New South Wales
  • Reconnecting raw materials with society: A case study for the Lignite mines in north-western Greece, Chrysanthi Rodolaki, Tu Bergakademie Freiberg

Effective conflict resolution techniques and strategies

  • Benefit-sharing mechanisms in developed mining countries: a literature review, George Gaidajis, Democritus University of Thrace
  • Methods of obtaining social acceptance for mining activities, Zuzanna Łacny, AGH University of Science and Technology
  • The Social Licence Pathway: Towards a collaborative planning and approval process for the digital age, Juan Castilla-Rho, University of Wollongong

Integrating social license into the overall value chain

  • A theoretical holistic risk management model for mining operations, Zach Agioutantis, University of Kentucky
  • Can mineral exploration companies create and share value with local communities? , Nadja Kunz, The University of British Columbia
  • Implementation of social license to operate into early evaluation stages of potential mining projects, George Barakos, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Myths and realities of social licence to operate in oil projects in Chad, Yorbana Seign-Goura, University of Neuchatel
  • Thinking beyond closure: toward a mine closure database, Kamila Svobodova, Sustainable Minerals Institute

Intersection of social license and its contribution to sustainability and sustainable mining practices (i.e. worldview, policy, ethics etc.)

  • Assessing and improving the sustainability performance of mining industries, George Gaidajis, Democritus University of Thrace
  • Can the circular economy help embed social licence in the minerals industry?, Glen Corder, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland
  • Promoting the Social License to Operate through integrating social and environmental aspects in criticality assessments, Konstantin Kühnel, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)
  • The Social License to Operate in the Extractive Industries: An International Law Perspective, Mihaela Barnes, Independent Consultant
  • Approaches for social license to remine in Post-Mining-Societies , Angela Binder, Clausthal University Of Technology
  • Why a responsible coal mining supply chain matters in a decarbonizing world, Anne-Claire Howard, Bettercoal
  • Impact of mining activities on the achievement of sustainable development goals, Adeyinka Omotehinse, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
  • Sustainable mining practices in some mining regions of India, Prof Gurdeep Singh, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)

The role of corporate social responsibility in sustainable mining practices

  • Social Responsibility in Geoscience and Mining Education, Mike Katz, Mineral Development
  • Role of Namibian mining companies in contributing to Sustainable development goals, Harmony Musiyarira, Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • Dynamics of corporate social responsibility: A theoretical perspective, Zhongxue Li, University of Science and Technology Beijing
  • Large scale mining in luzon: an assessment of the impact and sustainability of the mandated social responsibility for its host communities, Jackie Lou Raborar, University of Santo Tomas
  • Public-private-partnership in practice of extractive industry: contributing to sustainable development goals – a case of Nui Phao project, Vietnam, Dr Nga Nguyen, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

The role of technology in enhancing sustainability outcomes

  • Energy portfolio versus sustainability of mining industry, Durjoy Baidya, The University of British Columbia
  • China’s spatial and temporal disparities in energy efficiency and influencing factors, Liangshan Shao, Liaoning Technical University
  • Policy drivers and barriers for sustainable mining innovations in the EU: a case study analysis, Andreas Endl, Vienna University Of Economics And Business
  • Digital Work Preparation Tool for Sub-Surface Construction Work in Mines – An Approach to Optimization , Julia Herhold, Tu Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Assessment of a new highly selective process chain in mining using quality function deployment (QFD), Bruno Grafe, Tu Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Optimised Payloads and Increased Trucking Factors with Volume Scanning, Carey West, Loadscan
  • Establishment of an early warning model for the mine waste dump failure induced by rainfall, Zhengxing Yu, China Academy of Safety Science & Technology

Understanding social licence complexities

  • Too much of a good thing? Can a strong social licence leave communities in tears?, Leeora Black, Deloitte
  • Complex Orebodies: The Role Of Social And Environmental Complexities In Current Mine Projects Development, Eleonore Lebre, Sustainable Minerals Institute
  • Interrogating the legitimacy to enter into a social licence: a community perspective, Nomakhuze Nyembo, GIBS Business School
  • Bad apples and careless workers – notions of risk in corruption reform, Andrea Shaw, Shaw Idea Pty Ltd & Sustainable Minerals Institute, University Of Queensland
  • Estimating the Value of Benefits in Benefit-Sharing Agreements, Eric Werker, Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University

Utilising minerals economics to deliver sustainable outcomes

  • Tantalum mining in Africa’s Great Lakes region: a case study for sustainable economic development?, Philip Schuette, BGR – Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources
  • Dimensions of the Coltan and Cobalt Resource Curse in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Byelongo Elisee Isheloke, University of Cape Town
  • How should we make decisions and prioritize work in environmental sustainability?, Mustafa Kumral, Mcgill University

Social License in action; Australian and international case studies

  • Demonstrating local excellence by positioning business performance in a global sustainable development context , Hennie du Plooy, Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd
  • A social licence to close: engaging stakeholders in agreeing post-mining land uses , Jo-Anne Everingham, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland
  • Social licence or social science? Perspectives on social impact assessment, Hanabeth Luke, Southern Cross University