Speaker Spotlight: Prof Deanna Kemp

13 February 2019

Professor Deanna Kemp’s presentation at SDIMI 2019 is titled: Mining and the social licence obsession: thinking broader, working better.

We recently asked Deanna some questions about her upcoming keynote presentation at SDIMI 2019, and the importance of the conference to the mining industry.

How significant is AusIMM’s SDIMI conference for the mining industry?

  • The conference brings together a broad range of people from across industry, and from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.
  • It is significant because it supports open discussion about the industry’s critical sustainable development challenges.
  • The conference draws international focus and attention, providing a broad platform for discussion and debate.

What are you most looking forward to about SDIMI 2019?

  • Listening to new ideas and debates about mining and sustainable development.
  • Opportunity to engage with a wide range of disciplines on social performance.
  • Meeting and making connections with the international range of SDIMI delegates .

Can you provide an insight into what your keynote presentation will cover?

  • Discuss the current state-of-play on mining and social performance.
  • Critically engage the industry’s use of “social licence” thinking.
  • Offer some alternative views about how to accelerate the industry’s level of social performance.


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